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I was taking suggestions yesterday on my blog, and the three I got were Bunny, Sweettooth and AU stuff. Wanted to do a Sweettooth AU thingy, but it didn’t work out. 

First background in forever. (this is so sketchy omg)

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I-I drew Tooth as a harpy… I don’t know why… I don’t know why I’m posting it either.

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@__@ I drew a Bunny in uniform 

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((I have a headcanon for Tooth that she is not terribly graceful on her feet, but loves dancing regardless.

So, here’s a reminder to be daring, try new things, and do the stuff that make you happy even if you don’t think you’re that great at it - and a Human!Tooth painting as well, because reasons.))

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Rise of the Guardians - Tooth Fairy concept art.

((The second and the last one. I can’t decide which one I want to do - both are incredibly similar, but beautifully different.))

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A quick pic of Bunnymund kissing Toothfairy’s hand. The pre production art for these two are very interesting, so i blended both their current designs with some of the previous ones too.

Bunnymund: “Mah lady”

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Glowing fungus in dawnlight | ©Robert Strachan

The rainforest in Far North Queensland, Australia, has many wonderful treasures, one of the most striking being the spectacular glowing fungus which can be found on late night walks. This photo was taken after a night of quite a few long exposures capturing the otherworldly glow.

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Giant rubber duck thrills Sydney Harbor    

Sydney Festival’s giant Rubber Duck installation, Darling Harbour, Australia on Wednesday, Jan. 3, 2013. This is the latest incarnation of artist Florentijn Hofman’s famous oversized toy which measures 15m high and 18m wide and has been commissioned especially for this year’s Sydney Festival. Picture: Damian Shaw / EPA

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